Libearty Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti, a safe home for bears, wolves and dears

Located between Rasnov and Zarnesti in the county of Brasov, Libearty Bear Sanctuary is the largest Brown Bear sanctuary in the world, covering 69 hectares of hill and oak forest.  Although the bears living here are still surrounded by tall fences, this is a fantastic place to observe brown bears living in a habitat as close to their natural one as possible. 

 The bears living there have been rescued from circuses,  zoos  and other places where they were being kept in unfit conditions and offered a safe haven to rest, recover and enjoy the rest of their life. 

Visiting is slightly restricted but well worth the effort as the place doesn’t receive any public funding and therefore relies on fees and donations to continue its amazing work for the bears. 

More information about the sanctuary and up to date visitor details can be found on their official website:


Photo and Video Credit: Libearty Bear Sanctuary

Other attractions nearby: RasnovBranBrasov


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