Rasnoavei Gorge – Cheile Rasnoavei

Weather you are looking to relax in the sun or to enjoy a more active day, Rasnoavei Gorge is the ideal place for a family day out. During the summer the gorge is a very busy destination. Some people choose to grill and have picnics along the stream while others  climb the abrupt wall or hike around the forest. 

If you would rather enjoy the views and the forest walk from the saddle you can always visit the Diana Horse Riding Centre and check if they have any horses or a carriages available. 


The best way to reach the gorge is to take the National Road 73 A – from Rasnov towards Predeal – then after the Cheia Lodge turn left.  Other alternative routes from Predeal and Timisul de Sus are also available.  

On the way to Rasnoavei Gorge

On the way to Rasnoavei Gorge

Forest Walk Rasnoavei Gorge

Forest Walk

Rasnoavei Gorge Autumn Colours

Climbing Wall and Bungee Jumping

Insider tip: If you are visiting Rasnoavei Gorge in the summer make sure you arrive early to pick a good picnic spot as it can get really busy!

Attractions nearby: Brasov, Rasnov Citadel, Rasnoavei Cave, Rasnov, Dinoparc Rasnov, Libearty Bear Sanctuary, Bran Castle 


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